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A registered 501 (c) 3 organization

Supported by Title Boxing Club West Wichita

All children deserve a fighting chance, even if they're bald! The cancer battle can be tough not only physically, but emotionally. 
​ In the Hair Fairy Fighters Club, kids with cancer gain confidence and hope as they lose their hair. 

Our Partners are a vital part of providing emotional support and confidence to our children and their families as they fight cancer. We are grateful for any monetary gifts, in-kind donations, or Volunteers. 

Fighters Club
Providing emotional and spiritual support to kids with cancer, their families, and their classmates
BraveBald & Beautiful

Hair Fairy Fighters Club

A teacher's heart belongs to her students. There are times when life's moments replace the daily work. Here's how a teacher brings unity among a class when one student is diagnosed with cancer.