Teacher Resources: Create compassion in the classroom with the use of printable  pages from our CD full of classroom activities.

Hair Fairy Visits: Let the REAL Hair Fairy honor the child at school while educating classmates about the effects of cancer and the importance of inner beauty

"The Hair Fairy visited our elementary school to kick off the “Pennies for Pasta” campaign during morning assembly.  We more than doubled the amount collected during the 2015 drive compared to 2014, and we thank the Hair Fairy for inspiring our students to care about other children.  We all loved her!"            -Martha Risley

"For two years, my students have had the pleasure of an amazing Hair Fairy visit right in our classroom. Brianne Banning does an outstanding job of engaging the students in the tale of strength, faith and how beauty truly comes from within!  We enjoyed the colorful illustrations of the projected story as well as the opportunity to act out the story with the beautiful and funny Hair Fairy!  Brianne Banning's books are favorite reads in our classroom!"          -Trish Shields, teacher

Welcome to Brave, Bald, and Beautiful!

We know cancer can be a tough road! Through our books, Hair Fairy visits, and programs we provide an encouraging and uplifting walk for pediatric cancer patients and their families. Cancer awareness is important to us so we also take the time to speak and inspire children and adult groups!Contact us

Our proceeds help The Hair Fairy visit kids with cancer and educate their classmates!

Reviews and comments:

"I read your book and cried. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2011. The hats part really got to me because I had some sweet ladies at our local yarn shop in town give of their time and yarn to make me some wonderful hats that I still wear now. They were a blessing because my treatments were during the fall and winter and they helped keep my head warm. Thank you for this book..."       -Rayna Kopriva

 "The Beautiful Bald Princess takes the reader on a journey of faith, hope, and courage through the eyes of a young girl. It is a wonderful reminder to all-young and old alike-of the things that are truly important in life."

                                          Dr. David and Kim Rosen

                                           Pediatric Oncology/Hematology

Melonheadz Illustratingcreates clip-art for educators

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95.3 The Bear Country: Monk rallies for local child

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In the Media

Watch the story behind the book

Bald and Beautiful - Alum writes books to help kids with cancer

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Weber Honored to be Illustrator

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Books: Take the anxiety of hair loss away and bring courage and confidence with our Bald Princess and Brave Bald Knight fairy tales

Story 2 Share: Let kids heal through writing their own story with a Writer's Workshop instructed by a former teacher (great for a cancer support group activity)

Hair Fairy Visits: Createa sense of hope knowing someone is helping them through their journey of hair loss

Courage for Kids with cancer

Compassion for Classmates

Hope for Parents

You don't have to travel this Rocky Road alone!

We can help children with cancer gain courage, bring hope to their families, and teach compassion to classmates

Parents can connect with a mother of a two time cancer survivor through a Blog: Floating on Hope   Conncect Live on Periscope @BanniBri

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