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Here are a few color pages to get you started until the kit arrives

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All children deserve a fighting chance, even if they're bald! The cancer battle can be tough not only physically, but emotionally.  In the Hair Fairy Fighters Club kids with cancer gain confidence and hope as they lose their hair. 

Description of books: 
The Beautiful Bald Princess: A jealous evil queen cast a spell on a beautiful princess to make her lose her hair. The upset Princess runs away and meets The Hair Fairy, a kind fairy that will help her on her journey.  Before the last strand of hair falls from the Princess' head she realizes she is still beautiful without hair. In the end the Queen's spell will be broken, but how?

The Brave Bald Knight: A Brave farm boy tries to protect the king's land from a dragon. While doing so the dragon burns off his hair and leaves the farm boy devastated! The farm boy begins to find pieces of armor as he heads for the dragon's lair. With his armor on, he gains the courage to beat the dragon. Wait! Is the boy left without hair?

BraveBald & Beautiful
Who is The Hair Fairy?

A child can get major anxiety when they find out they are going to lose their hair from chemotherapy. For young children, having a Hair Fairy can ease this scary situation. The Hair Fairy walks beside cancer patients and gathers their hair much like the tooth fairy collects teeth. She will keep their hair safe until the treatment is over. At that time, she brings it back slowly growing in nice and soft. The Hair Fairy gives young children a sense of hope by having a helper as they go through treatment. 

Get your book

It is easy to join the Hair Fairy Fighters Club! To Join go to the contact us page and email us about your child and their diagnosis.

What do they get? 

When a child signs up for the Hair Fairy Fighters Club they will receive a hair loss support kit that includes:

  • Either The Beautiful Bald Princess or The Brave Bald Knight  book (each book takes a fairy tale approach at losing your hair) 
  • Bald Princess or Bald Knight companion activity book
  • Backpack
  • Waterbottle
  • Barkie head cover
  • The Hair Fairy will also, include a few other surprise items to help ease the anxiety.