Children in the Hair Fairy Fighters Club can have the Hair Fairy visit their classroom! When The Hair Fairy visits she bring a light into the dark world of cancer. She will honor the child with cancer and create team spirit among classmates. Her powerful message of hope will leave your students with a desire to help others.  In her presentation she will discuss cancer and touch on the importance of compassion, courage, and perseverance.  She will share her book The Beautiful Bald Princess  or The Brave Bald Knight.  Then, finish with a class activity/craft page. The Hair Fairy will grab students attention and leave them with an experience they will talk about for years! 

Visit includes:

A Princess or Knight e-book ​

A craft/activity

Book order forms

Printable activities on CD for the teacher 

"For two years, my students have had the pleasure of an amazing Hair Fairy visit right in our classroom. Brianne Banning does an outstanding job of engaging the students in the tale of strength, faith and how beauty truly comes from within!  We enjoyed the colorful illustrations of the projected story as well as the opportunity to act out the story with the beautiful and funny Hair Fairy!  Brianne Banning's books are favorite reads in our classroom!"          -Trish Shields, teacher

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When children are diagnosed with cancer their worlds are turned upside down. This includes their life at school! A  child is scared to show up looking different in front of her friends. She is worried they might treat her differently. His friends don't understand and think they might catch cancer or ignore him because they don't know what to say. The teacher wonders "How can I share the news with my class? How will they react?"


***For a FREE Hair Fairy classroom visit the child must live within 60 miles of Wichita, KS.  Further distances are possible, but will include travel expenses.

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If The Hair Fairy can't get to you don't worry!
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**Student must be in the Hair Fairy Fighters Club

A teacher's heart belongs to her students. There are times when life's moments replace the daily work. How does a teacher bring unity among a class when one student is diagnosed with cancer?

BraveBald & Beautiful